Function using OpenCL types for parameter

Discussion created by uforob on Dec 14, 2010
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I'm developing an application using two dimensional matrixes implemented as vector, this is not a problem, the application worked correctly.

I've trouble since I tried to parallelize the part of application wich do copy of row and columns of matrix. I created functions such as

void copyrow(cl_command_queue queue, cl_kernel kernel, cl_mem mat1, int row1, cl_mem mat2, int row2, int size1, int size2)

but I obtain a segmentation fault error. If the problem is not due to kernel implementation used by this function what could be the problem? Have I to pay attention to something?

I also noticed when I pass incorrect type the error visualize the signature type with pointers such as void copyrow(cl_command_queue* queue ...

but the signature is what I wrote above. Are there hidden pointers?