What is the size of the constant and texture caches of the 4000 series?

Discussion created by wainwright on Dec 6, 2010
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Memory sizes for 4000 series.


I'm having trouble finding any clear info on the various memory sizes for the 4000 series. Basically I would like to know what a compute unit looks like.

There are 16 groups of 5 processing elements (4 simple + 1 complex). In total, 80 processing units per Compute Unit.

There is 16KiB of LDS

There are 64 K 4B registers per Compute unit.

I haven't been able to find and specifics regarding constant memory and its cache, or texture memory. Is texture memory usually called L1 and L2 cache? Does anyone know of the size per Compute Unit for the L1. I believe the L2 is not per Compute Unit If I understand correctly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated (Links to source if available would also be great!)