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    cl_d3d9 status?


      Are there any plans to release a OpenCL to Direct3D 9 binding as part of the upcoming ATI Stream SDK releases?

      My organization has a d3d9-based visualization framework, where we want to implement image filtering & rendering functionality in OpenCL. NVidia already has a working cl_d3d9 binding, but I can find no similar functionality as part of the latest ATI Stream SDK release. There is a cl_d3d10 binding available, but upgrading to Direct3D 10 is unfortunately not an option for us due to Windows XP compatibility requirements.

        • cl_d3d9 status?

          I'm also wanting to know if AMD is interested in exposing DX interop of more versions other than 10.. either as vendor ext or khronos version.. anyway if vendor use please nv extensions so we don't need to code two paths..

          i.e. also what about d3d11 interop? please don't say we have directcompute as either language has is pitfalls and advantages..