OpenCL Profiler End times

Discussion created by perhaad on Nov 28, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2010 by ravikeshri
Kernel calls without flush and finish between them lead to same end time

Hello All,

For the OpenCL profiliing calls to clGetEventProfilingInfo()  the end times of multiple kernels enqueud after each other seems to be the same.

Basically for multiple kernels enqueued on a device


K0-K2 all report the same end time (I record a list of events and query at the end)


I remember that this was discussed in the forums some time back but I couldn't find the thread, to check for an update I wanted to check if this still exists even with the newer drivers like 10.10 and with the OpenCL 2.2 SDK implementation.

I still see this issue on Linux 64 bit Ubuntu and 10.10 Catalyst with 2.2 SDK