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    Wrong CPU output

      Simple erosion/dilation alg gives wrong output

      I've written a simple program that pipelines 3 kernels ( bitsplicing -> dilation -> erossion)The tested image was Lena (not that it would matter but anyway). I use a threshold of 160 setting the bits to 0 or 1 before dilation/erosion. 

      In both dilation and erosion algorithms i get full black/white image on CPU if i set (up,down,left,right) pixels. If i set only 3 of them (eg up,left,right) i get a semi correct response. It is somewhat clear that the algorithm somehow overwrites values as if it would if it were in a for loop working on the same image, but i have 2 images (input,output).

      Is this a compiler error or am i missing something ?

      LE : 

      GPU worked without a problem (HD5470). CPU is Core i3. OpenCL SDK 2.2. Linux Ubuntu 10.10 64 bit


      I've added the kernel code just to be clear how i do dilation or erosion ( & insted of | ) though it should make no difference since GPU output is ok whilst CPU is not.


      __kernel void dilate(__global int* input,__global int* output,int width,int height)



           uint x = get_global_id(0);

           uint y = get_global_id(1);


      // frame width

      int frameW=LEVEL;

      // frame array

      int frameA=LEVEL*LEVEL;


      int frameLeft=x;

      int frameBottom=y;


      int frameTop=((x+frameW) < (width)) ? (x+frameW): (width);

      int frameRight=((y+frameW) < (height)) ? (y+frameW): (height);


      // get center value (1/0)

      int center=input[(frameLeft+1)+width*(frameBottom+1)]/255;


      // dilate

      output[(frameLeft+1)+width*(frameBottom+1)]=center*255; // center (1,1)


      output[(frameLeft+0)+width*(frameBottom+1)]=((input[(frameLeft+0)+width*(frameBottom+1)] /255) | center )*255; // up (0,1)

      output[(frameLeft+1)+width*(frameBottom+2)]=((input[(frameLeft+1)+width*(frameBottom+2)] /255) | center )*255; // down (2,1)

      output[(frameLeft+1)+width*(frameBottom+0)]=((input[(frameLeft+1)+width*(frameBottom+0)] /255) | center )*255; // left (1,0)

      output[(frameLeft+2)+width*(frameBottom+1)]=((input[(frameLeft+2)+width*(frameBottom+1)] /255) | center )*255; // right (1,2)