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Discussion created by hazeman on Nov 28, 2010
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How to use uav with linear memory format ( possible bug in CAL )

The general question is how to sucessfully use linear format 2D image ( created with flag CAL_RESALLOC_GLOBAL_BUFFER ) with uav.

In the CAL Programming guide ( section 7.3 ) we have nice example. There is 2d linear image and IL code uses raw uav to access it. Unfortunatelly it doesn't work. Function calCtxSetMem returns error CAL_RESULT_ERROR.

Also typed uav returns the same error when we try to use it with linear 2d image format. Although it works with tiled format ( without flag ).

I think this is a bug in CAL/driver. Linear format should be supported by uavs ( as stated in CAL programming manual ).

My system is 64 bit ubuntu jaunty with 10.11 driver and 2.2 sdk.

PS. The code is available in CAL++ uavwrite example ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/calpp/ ), svn version