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    Memory deallocaton errors

      free() errors

      When my program fishishes calculations I call free function to deallocate vectors previously allocated but I obtain errors, I also tried to call clReleaseMemObject on buffers that have used that data before deallocation but the errors remain. What can be the problem?

      The error are:

      - corrupted double-linked list

      - double free or corruption

      - segmentation fault

      The type of error depends from if I run on CPU or GPU and if I swap buffers using a temporary buffer not initialized as side variable (the program stil runs correctly, the problem is only freeing memory)

        • Memory deallocaton errors

          hi uforb,

          I am able to deallocate all my resources as expected.

          Can you provide your system info:CPU,GPU,SDK,DRIVER,OS.

          also are you able to run the samples properly.I guess every sample have resource deallocation code which might help you trace out your problem.