Most important bugs to fix and features to add for me

Discussion created by oscarbarenys1 on Nov 24, 2010
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I would like to post what for me are the most important bugs to fix so

at least AMD can publish as know issues in release notes:

For me right now:

*Fix dual GPU single cards efficient support, right now not full utilization of every core seems possible

*Implement DMA async copies->Dual DMA for 69xx

Aside from features asked in topic : "APP 2.3 supports it?"

I want to add:

*Access host mem from device kernels

*Expose in more ways AMD IL native language:

1)exposing AMD IL file as binary file format so we can play with genereted AMD IL code before building it.. Nvidia supports PTX as binary format so this tweakings are possible.

2)Also allow asm("") kernel constructs in code (for both GPU and CPU backends) so we can add optimized assembly code directly to kernel.. here the idea is not cross vendor code but tuned code.. think that CUDA supports that using asm with PTX code and you don't have that feature and a vendor solution so a solution would be a amd opencl extension adding that support..