ATI Stream SDK OpenCL on CPU with Nvidia on GPU ?

Discussion created by hsi544 on Nov 23, 2010
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Segmentation fault or CL_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND


I'm trying to use ATI stream SDK on Intel CPU within a machine having an Nvidia Geforce 480 GPU.

I've checked the icd configuration it seems to be ok.

When running the samples and using the libOpenCL.so from ATI on the Nvidia GPU everything works fine. However, when trying to use the CPU as a device I've got either a Segmentation Fault or a CL_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND.

With some printfs, I concluded that the runtime is using the wrong platform for the CPU, i.e It's trying to use NVidia platform with a CPU device.

Did anyone success in running OpenCL on CPU with such a configuration

My configuration




ATI Stream SDK 2.2 x86_64

Nvidia devdriver linux_64_260.24.

ubuntu 10.04 x86_64




Intel Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU       X 980  @ 3.33GHz

Nvidia GeForce 480


Many thanks