Please open source AMD IL backend for LLVM!

Discussion created by oscarbarenys1 on Nov 16, 2010
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I think that now is time for AMD to open source and release LLVM-> AMD IL backend used in OpenCL compiler as right now OpenCL is the only high level language creating AMD IL code for GPUs would be good if AMD can supply some patches for upstream LLVM having an AMD IL backend..

Nvidia own high level language (PTX) support is much better (obviating CUDA (C,Fortran) and OpenCL which generate also PTX code) with at least two open source efforts to bring a LLVM PTX backend..

And even NVIDIA CUDA uses Open64 with a PTX backend which implementation is open source..


one LLVM PTX open source backend is here:


another is being worked to be final in LLVM 2.9.. see in trunk files like:


search for it in google..

There a lots of benefits:

*Possibly bring more languages using LLVM as intermediate code

*Using GPU ocelot which generates LLVM from PTX to run CUDA programs on AMD via PTX->LLVM->AMD IL


Please AMD workers if not planning to do so post reasonable objections..