Multpiple GPUs and GUI freezing

Discussion created by n.perrotta on Nov 7, 2010
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I've a workstation with 2xHD5770 (only the first one has a monitor connected), Linux UBUNTU 10.04, ATI STREAM 2.2, ATI DRIVER 10.9.
I tried to do the following:
- inside one shell I've set "export DISPLAY=:0.0" and I've run a simple shell script display the DATE every second
- inside a second shell I've set "export DISPLAY=:0.1" and I've run the MatrixMultiplication program using large matrix (5120x5120 each)

Result: during OpenCL MatrixMultiplication program execution (4 secs overall) I had the freeze of both the program inside the 1st shell and the Ubuntu Desktop.

Any suggestion to avoid this "side effect" ?
I would expect to not have any hang since I've used the second 5770 with no display connected.

Thanks for help.