Radeon HD6870, Linux, many issues

Discussion created by gat3way on Nov 6, 2010
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Just bought a new 6870 card and I'm disappointed by the driver support on linux. Installed Catalyst 10.10 and I still get that "unsupported hardware" watermark in the bottom right. CLInfo from the SDK samples gives out the following errors:

Error : atomics mismatch!
Error : Bytes mismatch!
Error : images mismatch!
Error : amd_media_ops mismatch!
Error : khr_3d_image_writes mismatch!


Some of my kernels work, most of them produce wrong results and they used to work on 4670.


On the driver download page, it looks like 6xxx series are supported only on Windows.


Seriously, are you going to fix 6xxx support on linux soon?