Having problems setting up on VS2010

Discussion created by P3ndldqny2 on Nov 6, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2010 by notyou

Hi, i'll be completely blunt here, i want to write code on ATI GPUs and i can never setup all these settings (note to developers, why not include all the settings we need to make manually in the installer??).

Ive installed:

-VS 2010

-Microsoft SDK

-DirectX SDK

But when i build the examples i get that it cant find CL/cl.h

I tried to add this to the overall project path but there wasnt one. I managed to add it to an individual project, so that it didnt highlight in red, but then when i built all the projects im sure that particular project still didnt build.

If you need to know/ask any other questions please feel free, but im not a VS2010 expert either.