SDK 2.2 Serious Bug

Discussion created by spectral on Nov 5, 2010
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In my kernel I add a line like this :

T = 1;

F = 0;

if (T == F) printf("....");

and the result computed by the kernel are differents !!!!!!!!

So, this code does 'nothing' (nothing related to my code) and must never been executed during runtime. But, the results I got are differents !

In the past (more than 1 month), I have sent a test case to Michael Chu, he has reproduce the problem.

Today, I'm still having this problem (in some other locations of my code).

I would like to know if/when/how this bug will be fixed is possible ?

Can you advice please ?

Thanks for your help

NB: Currently we can't work due to this problem !!!!!! At least it is very difficult :-(