SDK v2.2 samples segfault again

Discussion created by babor on Nov 2, 2010


The situation is as follows:

- downloaded and installed ATI Strem SDK v2.2 on OpenSUSE 11.2 x86_64 Linux

- compiled all sample programs (gcc 4.4.1)

- all sample programs crash with segfault, both running as is and with --device cpu, after "Loading and compiling CL source"


The main issue is I do NOT have ATI graphics card in may computer and was hoping to run OpenCL on AMD CPU. Is it possible at all without catalyst/fglrx installed?


On running "./HelloCL --device cpu" I also get segfault and I get the following result in dmesg:

[326785.376824] HelloCL[31487]: segfault at 7fb321606e21 ip 00007fb31e2ba83f sp 00007fb31b7c9ea0 error 7 in[7fb31e226000+b7000]


The is obviously from Nvidia driver.

But if I want to run on the CPU only why is it linking the libGL at all???


And finally what is the most interesting when I do the same via gdb it all runs smooth:

gdb ./HelloCL

(gdb) run

...and the program ends with "Passed!"


Any ideas?