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    AMD Catalyst 10.10 Sticky Green


      Dear AMD Catalyst Develope Department.



      I'm a former nVidia user that gone over to AMD (ATI) Graphic Card since nVidia turn there back to there customer by the false way they presented the new nVidia Fermi-based Tesla card at GPU Technology Conference 2009. The second reason is that they didn't care about the customer costs of the power bills since they marketing a graphic card that consume so much power.


      The reason I post this is that Catalyst 10.10 made the green color very sharp and stycky in color, and it's lot more compere to the previos Catalyst versions.

      I'm using 2 x ASUS ROG MATRIX HD 5870 PLATINUM in CrossFireX.

      Here's my computer configuhttp://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=7189&id=100001172713309&l=89e22a06cf


      Sincerely, Bengt "WOLF" Johansson.