Profiling Changes Results

Discussion created by aj_guillon on Oct 24, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2010 by bpurnomo

I worked with a friend to try out my OpenCL project on his Windows machine with Visual Studio, so that I can try the Stream Analyzer.  The project compiles fine... runs...  but when I try to do any profiling on it, my program crashes due to an error inside one of the kernels.  This is my own error code that is generated, but it looks as if profiling the code has caused the results to change.  It works fine under normal execution, but with profiling it dies.  What could be causing this?  There are no race-conditions in my code or anything like that.  However, if the kernel is run more than once my program would fail... is the profiler perhaps causing multiple executions of the same kernel without "rolling back" changes to global memory?

I'm using the latest SDK, and latest catalyst drivers on Win XP SP3.