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    Catalyst 10.10

      finally OpenCL in driver

      in new catalyst 10.10 there is OpenCL driver in it.

      what about Linux? did i lose job ?

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          Please let us know if you have any issue with it.
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              Where is this 10.10 you speak of? Is it up for linux as well?

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                any issuse with what?

                on linux i have no problem with 10.10 driver and my package. i did not have time try it on windows thought.

                EDIT: to get linux change -9- in download link to -10-. but i can not find libOpenCL.so or /etc/OpenCL/vendors in Linux driver.

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                    From the ReleaseNotes.pdf:


                    Introduction of AMD CatalystTM Accelerated Parallel Processing
                    ("APP") technology Edition
                    There will now be two variants of the AMD Catalyst package available:
                    1. AMD Catalyst (comparable to prior versions in features and components) –
                    currently includes the Direct3D®, OpenGL®, display driver and AMD
                    Catalyst Control Center components
                    2. AMD Catalyst Accelerated Parallel Processing (“APP&rdquo technology Edition –
                    AMD Catalyst plus the OpenCL driver
                    Users can still obtain the individual AMD Catalyst components as well (which will
                    also include the OpenCL driver as well)


                    I'm confused... so users must choose between the TWO drivers? Why not only one type with all as NVIDIA does(physx, opencl,opengl,DX,all integrated)? Most users will be confused and they will download the first one, making your OpenCL apps not to run properly without downloading the SDK...

                    Sorry but I really I cannot understand that policy.... why an end-user would not want OpenCL installed? Most games are going to use it via Bullet Physics or directly ( as Just Cause 2 does with CUDA ). You really should integrate all as NVIDIA does : all in one driver and one unique download.

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                  Thanks for the feedback bubu. I've let some people know of your concerns with the two packages.
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                    This is fixed in the next version of the OpenCL release. The 10.10 catalyst driver is using the SDK 2.2 OpenCL DLL, so not much has changed.
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                        Trying to compile the 3rd example from ATI Stream Computing
                        OpenCL Programming Guide, but getting this:
                        error: can't enable all OpenCL extensions or unrecognized OpenCL extension
                        #pragma OPENCL EXTENSION cl_khr_local_int32_extended_atomics : enable
                        error: can't enable all OpenCL extensions or unrecognized OpenCL extension
                        #pragma OPENCL EXTENSION cl_khr_global_int32_extended_atomics : enable

                        Any chance it's driver-related?
                        My current driver is 10.10 APP technology edition.