5970 expected performance

Discussion created by datlatec on Oct 22, 2010
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I know the ATI linux drivers are buggy at the moment, but as no indication has been given so far as to how close to a fixed driver release AMD is I'm considering my options.

Is the 5970 core the same as the 5870? So, should I expect, bar the single PCIe communication bandwidth shared between both cores, twice the performance of the 5870?

The issue is I have a 5830 and it gives me ~80% of the performance of a single 5970 core, and I read from other people's experiences that they could get more than 150% on the 5870, compared to a single 5970 core, using the same benchmarks.

So is the driver actually impairing performance of a single core on the 5970, or is the 5870 actually 150% faster that the said single core?