ATI 4870x2 VBO problem

Discussion created by J0KER on Oct 20, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2011 by Mooncabbage

Hey all,

Was not sure where to post this, so I hope its in the right spot, i'm pretty sure its a graphics issue.

I'm having problems with VBOs, i'm doing everything right, compiles fine... but when i run it, it freezes, screen glitches, goes black and then my screen reappears saying my display driver was restored... I get this error message as well once the program is closed 'has exited with code -1073741510 (0xc000013a)'. If I take out the VBOs it runs absolutely fine... Ive tested the VBO code on several other PCs and it runs perfectly. Any ideas why its not running on my ATI card?

I'm running win7 x64 and a 4870x2 graphics card.

Thanks in advance