Compiler can't count down :-/

Discussion created by redditisgreat on Oct 15, 2010
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Reverse "for loops" count one short with evergreen GPU code.

After hours of debugging I found the reason my sorting algorithm didn't work.


With a given input of A[] = 1, 2, ..., N the following Kernel code gives us for n=16



sum_total1 = 136;   // correct sum with faulty loop
sum_total2 = 135;   // incorrect sum with correct loop


The error persists for larger N, but not for N=8 for example.

All tested on Juniper.

__private uint sum_total1 = 0ul; __private uint sum_total2 = 0ul; for( int i=N-1; i>=-1; --i ){ sum_total1 += A[ i ]; } for( int i=N-1; i>= 0; --i ){ sum_total2 += A[ i ]; }