OpenCL Programming Webinar Series

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Get trained with the new OpenCL Programming Webinar Series

Tune into our webinars to listen to AMD experts discuss and answer questions about data parallel computing on GPUs leveraging the OpenCL™ architecture. These webinars will include beginning and advanced tracks offered at varying times for your convenience.

Check the OpenCL Webinars Page for more details and times.

**Edit: The on-demand versions of the webinars listed below can be found here:

Webinar topics:

Beginner Tracks

  • Introduction to Parallel and Heterogeneous Computing (1 hour)
    • Learn how heterogeneous computing fits into the parallel computing paradigm, what problems it solves and what opportunities it presents
  • Introduction to OpenCL (1 hour)
    • Learn about the benefits of OpenCL, the anatomy and architecture of OpenCL and the tools and drivers available
  • OpenCL Programming in Detail (1 hour)
    • Learn about OpenCL application execution, resource setup, kernel programming and compiling, program execution, memory objects and synchronization
  • Using OpenCL C Language (1 hour)
    • Learn about restrictions, data types, type casting and conversions, qualifiers, and built-in functions

Advanced Tracks

  • Device Fission Extensions for OpenCL (1 hour)
    • Learn about the unique advantage that OpenCL has when it comes to Fission extensions.
  • Optimization Techniques I: Optimizing a Convolution Algorithm (1 hour)
    • Learn about Debugging OpenCL, performance measurements, general optimization tips and walk through optimizing a convolution algorithm
  • Optimization Techniques II: Optimizing a Histogram Algorithm (1 hour)
    • Learn about the unique advantage that OpenCL has when it comes to optimizing a histogram algorithm