Matrix multiplication example on SDK

Discussion created by rolandman99 on Oct 10, 2010
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in the matrix multiplication example provided by the SDK, there is a method called runKernelsCL(void)

int MatrixMultiplication::runKernels(void)



   size_t globalThreads[2] {width1/4, height0/4};

   size_t localThreads[2] = {blockSize, blockSize);



To my understanding, the program multiply 2 matrices (64x64 each), so globalThreads[0] and globalThreads[1] are 16. The blockSize = 8, so localThreads[0] and localThreads[1] are 8.

Can someone help explain what are the localThreads and globalThreads mean here?

Very sorry to bother you all here. I tried hard to understand the Execution Model in OpenCL 1.0 rev. 48 spec page 20-22, but until now have no very clear understanding how it goes. Maybe someone here can explain it with a simple word using the matrix addition or multiplication example.


Thank you