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    OpenCL does not recognize multiple GPU cards on Linux


      Hi! I've been using ATI driver 10.8 on Ubuntu 9.10, and I have a HD 5870 and a HD 5850 running together. When I use aticonfig --list-adapters I get two devices, and hwinfo also returns that there are two cards running. However, in OpenCL I can only see two devices, CPU and the 5870 GPU. In the CLInfo program I see the same problem, as well as in SimpleMultipleDevices, where there are only the results of CPU + GPU. Also, in CCC I cannot find the other card.

      Moreover, I have problems for ATI drivers. When I try to update my driver, I get a fglrx(0): firegl_setSuspendResumeState failed -9 error. So I tried several driver version for different Linux kernel version. 10.9 works on kernel 2.6.31-22 and 2.6.31-22, but not properly. The display setting cannot be changed, and OpenCL cannot find valid platform. 10.7 and 10.8 does not work on kernel 2.6.31-22, but works fine on kernel 2.6.31-21.

      The problem has driven me crazy for days. Hope you guys could help me. Thanks!