anybody using assembly language (ISA, non-IL)?

Discussion created by byly on Oct 5, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2012 by MicahVillmow

I try to assemble code disassembled with calclDisassembleImage().

I used calclAssembleObject() which resulted in the error string: "Function used properly but currently not supported".

Based on comments in sample code (samples/cal/common/Samples.cpp) I tried to switch from linux to win (xp, 32 bit) Stream SDK just to get the same error.

Simple IL programs (both ps and cs) gave the same result.

So I'm obviously doing something wrong. Can you help please if you have ATI assembly language experience?

P.S. According to CAL Programming Guide (march 2010), section 2.2.2 it's well possible.