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    Data Cache Refills from L2 or Northbridge


      I was reading "Basic Performance Measurements for AMD Athlon™ 64 and AMD Opteron™ Processors" by Paul J. Drongowski and have a question regarding measuring Data cache misses.

      The formula used is

      DC_misses = DC_refill_L2 + DC_refill_sys


      DC_refill_L2 = (select: 0x42, Unitmask: 0x1E)

      DC_refill_sys = (select: 0x43, Unitmask: 0x1E).


      From the BKDG for AMD Opteron, the description for the EventSelect 0x42 mentions "UNIT_MASK bit 0 reflects refills which missed in the L2, and provides the same measure as the combined sub-events of event 43h".

      So by adding these two counters, arent we duplicating the number of events due to refill from northbridge?


      I ran a little test to verify if Unitmask(01h) for Eventselect(42h) is same as Unitmask(1Eh) for EventSelect(43h)

      $ ./perfex  -e 0x00410041  -e 0x00411D42  -e 0x00410142  -e 0x00411E43  ./a.out


      tsc                                        57193086

      event 0x00410041@0                           119152

      event 0x00411D42@1                           133025

      event 0x00410142@2                            43866

      event 0x00411E43@3                            43858

      So, I believe 0x00410142 and 0x00411E43, count the same events.

      But my question is, why cant 0x00411E42 then result in the sum of 0x00411D42 and 0x00410142.

      $ ./perfex  -e 0x00410041  -e 0x00411D42  -e 0x00410142  -e 0x00411E42  ./a.out


      tsc                                        55500384

      event 0x00410041@0                           120005

      event 0x00411D42@1                           124355

      event 0x00410142@2                            40344

      event 0x00411E42@3                           109072

      Shouldnt 0x00411E42 have been (124355 + 40344 = 164699) instead of 109072 ?