Most samples are in "unknown module" at "NO SYMBOL"

Discussion created by karr on Oct 1, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2010 by leiy

Somehow, while trying CodeAnalyst on an existing project I have, I managed to turn on call stack sampling. I also set filtering to filter only my application. I set the depth to 72 and ran my application. According to the tab for my application (reached via the Processes tab), about 80% of my samples are in "unknown module". I suppose this represents all the parts of my application that aren't in the system libraries such as ntdll.dll, msvcr90d.dll, etc. that constitute all the other listed modules. When I click on this "unknown module", I get a tab with many lines of data showing the samples that occurred apparently at various places in the code, maybe a couple hundred of these, but in every single case the "Symbol+Offset" is "NO SYMBOL".

This is useless to me. How can I get some actual information about the lines of my code that are hit?

I tried to learn this from the tutorial, but since the tutorial's section on CSS literally does not work (I've already posted details), it was no help.