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    ATI ADL SDK Session 0 compatibility

      Can the ATI ADL SDK be used from a service?

      I am trying to determine if it is possible to use the ATI ADL SDK in a service.  Is this possible?

        • ATI ADL SDK Session 0 compatibility

          No, unfortunately.  We would have liked that too.


          MS sets up Session 0 with a fake Graphics Subsystem explicitly to block services from writing to the console.  Even if one marks a Service as "Uses Console", all this does is cause the OS to display a dialog to *any* user indicating that "Some Service needs your attention", then switches the User into the Session 0 (so the Service still cannot see the real Graphics HW).


          Since no real Graphics HW can be seen by the Service, ADL cannot be used.


          One alternative is for the Service to run as a particular User (instead of System etc...) or have the Service monitor "Console Connect / Disconnect" broadcast messages then launch a "child" process into whatever Session is currently Console Connected and then communicate with it (Named Pipe, for example).