phenom II + 2xHD5970 = 6 Devices!?

Discussion created by afo on Sep 20, 2010
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incorrect number of opencl platforms...


I have a system with  phenom x4 CPU and 2xHD5970 cards.

In other threat ( I found that in WinXP32 without crossfire enabled, I see 4 opencl platforms (1 CPU + 3 GPU) and if I disable crossfire, I see the correct number (1CPU + 4GPU).In linux x86_64 (OpenSuse 11.2) I see 1CPU + 4GPU with crossfire disabled.

Now I upgraded to SDK2.2 + cat10.7 update driver (the one in AtiStream SDK page). In WinXP32 without crossfire enabled, I see 1CPU + 3GPU as before, but if I enable crossfire; clinfo shows 6 platforms, 1CPU + 5GPU, cal findnumdevices shows 5 devices, and simplemultidevice -e tells me that CPU0 + GPU0 to GPU4 passed the tests.

Did someone see something similar? Has virtualization arrived? Thanks in advance for any insight about this.

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