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    __local oveflow ? ...


      Writing a kernel i have founded a behaviour i do not understand, and i has tried to isolate an example code.


      This code, do not do nothing,  put it into template example

       * Sample kernel which multiplies every element of the input array with
       * a constant and stores it at the corresponding output array

      __kernel void templateKernel(__global  unsigned int * output,
                                   __global  unsigned int * input,
                                   const     unsigned int multiplier)
          unsigned int idx = get_global_id(0);
          __local float bsh;
          __local float norm;
          bsh = 5;
          float out = 7.0;
          norm = out;
          output[idx] = bsh;


      Now bsh = 5 and a CLK_LOCAL_MEM_FENCE ensure that all threads are syncronized, after this bsh is never changed, so i exect that output[idx] is always 5.

      Unfortunately the example print   ... 7, if i change out to 8, print 8 and so on ...


      I am doing something wrong ? or there is something i has not understanded ?