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    OpenCL Examples don't work


      Having just installed the 2.2 SDK I tried to run some of the samples only to find they simply don't work.

      For example, if I try to run 'CLInfo.exe' via a command window all that happens is I get a helpful dialogue box pop up saying 'CLInfo.exe has stopped working'.

      This happens for both the sample bin files and the 'clinfo' found in the ATI Stream Bin folder; both x86 and x64 show the same problems.

      I'm running the most recent Cat drivers (10.8) on Win7 Ultimate x64 and have done nothing beyond run the installer for the SDK and then try to run the example programs.
      (I don't have VS2008 installed, only VS2010, but do have various redists installed due to other apps on my system)

      Anyone got any clues as to what might be going wrong?
      (And more importantly why something as simple as this doesn't work out of the box or doesn't have any sane default error messages?)

        • OpenCL Examples don't work

          Just as a follow up my primary gfx card is an HD5870 but I also have an NV card installed (mostly for PhysX related things) however the drivers aren't completely up to date; could this becausing the above issues?

          I don't see why it should as the OpenCL backends should really be working fine together...