Problem with GPUPerf 2.2

Discussion created by stopiccot on Sep 10, 2010
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dlls do not load

Hi everyone. I decided to use GPUPerf for our project so I'm new to it. Some modules (optional plugins) of our project are made as lua-modules and are loaded through "require" lua keyword. Everything is working fine but I encounted problem when running app under GPUPerfServer-x64. Here is log:



D:\code\work\gpuperf\Server-x64>D:\code\work\gpuperf\Server-x64\GPUPerfServer-x64.exe D:\code\work\gpuperf\Server-x64\edge64.lnk

Message: Server        : GPU PerfStudio Server - Version V2.2.791.0

Message: Server        : Using Logfile: D:/code/work/gpuperf/Server-x64/pslog.txt

Message: Server        : Succesfully enabled DX Peformance Counters in Driver

Message: Server        : Available Wrappers:

Message: Server        :    DX10Server-x64.dll  V2.2.791.0      DX10

Message: Server        :    DX11Server-x64.dll  V2.2.791.0      DX11

Message: Server        :    DX9Server-x64.dll   V2.2.791.0      DX9

Message: Server        :    GLServer-x64.dll    V2.2.791.0      OpenGL


Message: Server        : Starting web server on port 80

Message: Server        : About to launch: D:\code\work\edge\bin\x86_64\msvc_9.0\debug\LandViewer.exe

Message: Server        : Params: -lsa3 "d:\code\work\art\terrain.cfg.lua"

Message: Server        : Working Directory: D:\code\work\edge\data\


  F3 - toggle wireframe

  F4 - switch shading mode

  F5 - reload all shaders

20100910 235718 ERROR   Lua::Config: Can't load scripts/options/options.conf: error loading module 'corrector' from file '../bin/x86_64/msvc_9.0/debug/./corrector.dll':

        The specified module could not be found.


Error loading config file scripts/options/options.conf: (null)



So under GPUPerfServer-x64 lua modules fail to load. Any ideas why it could happen? I'm running Win7 x64 Professional, HD 5750, Core 2 Quad Q9300