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    Building IL layer for alternative OS GPU

      Buidling the IL layer for alternative OS

      Is there a open source IL level kit for OS to GPU Communitcations and direction ? IE there are only have linux and windows and mac drivers as far as I can see here.


        Do these tools exist and do they exist for GPU generations that are fiarly new ?

       or could AMD get us a binary that we can talk to and host ? the fact that 3d graphics are so broken beyond windows is just crazy to me.


        Help a cracker out.

        • Building IL layer for alternative OS GPU

          There is no open source implementation that accepts the "IL" used in the Stream SDK, but there are a couple of open source driver implementations which accept similar IRs, specifically Mesa IR (similar to tokenized ARB_Fragment_Program / ARB_Vertex_Program) and TGSI (similar but in a flat metafile format).

          You can find source code for both of these in the open source Mesa project at http://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa

          The Mesa IR implementation is the "classic" driver in src/mesa/drivers/dri/r600, and the TGSI implementation is in the "Gallium3D" driver at src/gallium/drivers/r600.