ATI Stream (Brook+) ADL question

Discussion created by zubac on Sep 6, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2010 by Byron

I wrote some Brook+ code that worked (and is still working) perfect on my old PC (ATI Radeon 3850). When I run that code on my new Laptop (with Radeon Mobility 5650) it works even faster, but (as my little project has progress bar that shows GPU usage in %, implemented using ADL  is not showing coreclty gpu usage (and that is working perfectly on 3850). When I start kernel (5650), GPU usage reported by ADL stays around zero, then kernel finishes, and after (lets say one) second, usage for a moment goes to 100 % and immediately returns to 0%. As this is not expected behavior I am wondering what is wrong? And most of all, how to get it work right?

Thanks in advance!