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    small troubles

      copy struct, function vs direct, as_uchar4(float)

      Hi there

      I bumped in a lot of small problems, and I don't know why and how to evoid them:


      I have some structures:


      typedef struct Material


      uchar4 culoare;

      char4 normala;

      uchar2 reflexivitate;

      uchar2 transparenta;


      ushort luminozitate;

      uchar densitate;


      }__attribute__((aligned(16))) material;


      typedef struct Voxel


      uint fiu[8];


      material m;

      uchar padd1[5];

      uint parinte;


      uchar padd2[4];

      }__attribute__((aligned(16))) voxel;



      If I try to do :

      voxel new_voxel=old_voxel; 

      some of the fields don't copy correctly (new_voxel.m.densitate differs from old_voxel.m.densitate)

      Copying the fields one by one works.

      So I decided to make a function CopyVoxel(voxel *dest, voxel source); which copies the fields one by one. Which curiously, it seamed to work (even thou source is sent by value...). Which leads to the second problem:

      2) The copy function doesn't always work, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't and I have to copy the fields inside my code, which isn't very nice. Using 'inline' before the copy function doesn't work either (but I understand it is implicit so that's why it works ... sometimes).

      3)I have another struct 'raza' which has a float member 'dim'. whenever I try to do as_uchar4(raza->dim), at runtime, the program crashes (llc.exe has stopped working). I have to do: cl_int temp=raza->dim*100; as_uchar4(temp); and /100 the rez to save some decimals. (doesn't seam to work with float directly either)


      Any idea, the struct part is important, because I can't get it to work and I don't know which of them is the problem.

      Mihai Zaharescu