ATI Stream sdk on CPU only

Discussion created by osaad on Aug 31, 2010
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Empty installs on a computer that doesn't have ATI GPU

Hi my work laptop's charger is broken and meanwhile i'm working on my old PC that has an intel core 2 duo processor and a quite old intel GPU. I was able to install the OpenCL sdk on linux using the .deb binaries made by a user here on the forum on linux and it detected the CPU just fine. But i need to setup OpenCL on windows because i have to use VS for compatibility with my company's work.


I downloaded the ati sdk v2.2 and when i tried installing it, the folders were empty. I could only install the ATI stream profiler and the kernel analyzer but the sdk itself isn't installed. I tried installing it from the .msi files in the Package folder found in the extraction of the sdk, but it outputs nothing, no files or folders whatsoever.


Is there a way to do this on windows or do i have to work on linux?