ADL 64bit unhandled exception

Discussion created by dreed on Aug 31, 2010
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ADL_Display_Modes_Get creating unhandled exception



I am trying to call ADL_Display_Modes_Get in a 64 C++ application and it generates an unhandled exception, but works fine when switched to 32 bit. This is a simple lightweight, non threaded test application. Other functions work fine in 64 bit (ADL_Display_DisplayInfo_Get). Is this a problem of the atiadl dll(s)?



64 bit Windows 7 Enterprise

FirePro V3700 (tried with latest and second latest drivers with uninstall/reinstall)

Visual Studios 2008


I am calling LoadLibrary("atiadlxx.dll") which pulls it from the system 32 (causing the unhandled exception). Also, in an attempt to force it to load from syswow64 via


causes windows to generate an errorcode 193: ERROR_BAD_EXE_FORMAT(not a valid Win32 application)


The application I am writing needs to be in 64 bit. Since I am just looking for the display parameters of connected displays(color depth, refresh rate, etc) is there another way to go about retrieving this information or any workarounds? I can attach the test application code if that would help.


Thank You!