Direct3d with Switchable Graphics

Discussion created by him_me2 on Aug 31, 2010

Hi Everyone,

I'm using an ATI notebook with switchable graphics and i'm developing an application in direct3d on it.

My primary question is: are there any specific guidelines to follow while developing an Direct3D application in switchable graphics environment.

I'm using direct3D10 and both the cards on my system are ATI and 10 compatible.

Because while switching the graphics card my application crashes and say insufficient memory to continue. ( I will get back with more details)

My second question is : The graphics card denied to switch when InternetExplorer 8.0 is running. But it switches seamlessly while other applications or my D3D10 application is running.

So, is there any way by which i can notify the framework that switching cannot be allowed till my application is alive? And will the solution be generic enough to support any switchable graphics adapter?