compilation error which I don't understand

Discussion created by mihzaha on Aug 30, 2010
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Running pass 'AMDIL Assembly Printer' on function

clGetProgramBuildInfo sais:

Compilation from LLVMIR binary to IL textfailed!

and here is what I see at the output:



Stack dump:

0.      Program arguments: C:\Program Files (x86)\ATIStream\bin\x86_64\llc -mcp

u=teddy -mattr=mwgs-3-256-1-1,+byte_addressable_store,+images -regalloc=linearsc

an -mtriple=amdil-pc-amdopencl D:\Users\Mihai\AppData\Local\Temp\OCL1C86.tmp.bc

-f -o D:\Users\Mihai\AppData\Local\Temp\OCL1C86.tmp.il

1.      Running pass 'AMDIL Assembly Printer' on function '@__OpenCL_Randeaza_kernel'



and the Randeaza code, which I saw in the error:



__kernel void Randeaza(__global raza *ListaRazeActive, __global voxel *ListaVoxeli, __global uint *ListaVoxeliModificati, __global variabile *Var, __global uchar4 *Imagine)


uint index_curent;




raza raza_crt=ListaRazeActive[index_curent];





I have 5870 card with ati stream 2.1 win7 64 and CCC 10.6 win7 64.