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    GPU PerfStudio 2.2 not working with HD5470 ?



      I've been trying to run GPUPerfStudio 2.2 on my Sony Vaio Laptop with HD5470 Graphics board without success.

      The GPUPerServer starts as expected and the console does not give me any error messages.

      My application however does not "run". It only displays a black screen.

      To dig a bit deeper I tried the PerStudioAPI inside my code to see if it would initialize correctly. 

      GPA_Initialize( ) - Works fine


      I've read 5xxx should be supported.

      My driver version is 8.672.1.2000

      OpenGL Version reporting: 2.1.8545 Release

      Is it my driver or my hardware or something else?

        • GPU PerfStudio 2.2 not working with HD5470 ?


          The error message that you're reporting should not cause the application to only display a black screen. So there must be two different issues at play here. How are you creating your openGL context?

          The HARDWARE_NOT_SUPPORTED message will cause the Frame Profiler to be unable to access performance counters and that portion of the tool will not work. I will investigate why this is not working correctly for you.

          To help us identify the problem, would you be able to send us a copy of the application you are working with? My email is <firstname><dot><lastname>@amd.com

          Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon.

            • GPU PerfStudio 2.2 not working with HD5470 ?

              Thanks for your reply.

              (I will refer to GPUPerfAPI as GPA below)

              I'm using wglCreateContext () to create my context. 

              Since my working application is a project at work I can't send it to you. However, to verify that the problem occurs in another application I downloaded NeHe lesson2 and tried to get GPA to work but with no luck.

              GPA_OpenContext() returns the same  GPA_STATUS_ERROR_HARDWARE_NOT_SUPPORTED as my original app did.

              However, the NeHe program is able to start in GPUPerfStudio (where my original program is stuck with a black screen).

              I'm sending you a rar-file with the project. GPUPerfAPI is included so it should build right away. I've also included the binaries.

              Again, my setup:

              Sony Vaio VPCEB2M1E

              Mobility Radeon HD5470

              Driver ver: 8.672.1.2000 (2010-01-13)

              Win7 64bit (Swedish)

                • GPU PerfStudio 2.2 not working with HD5470 ?

                  Was this problem solved?

                  I intend to purchase a laptop with a Mobility Radeon HD5470 for development purposes, and I really want GPU PerfStudio to work as expected!



                    • GPU PerfStudio 2.2 not working with HD5470 ?

                      We are investigating the root cause of the profiler not being able to access performance counters. It is related to not being able to install the latest Catalyst drivers on the Sony Vaio, and the version that is available for installation does not expose something correctly.

                      I believe that the black window issue the user above is seeing is also due to not being able to use the profiler.

                      There are no known issues with regard to PerfStudio running on the ATI Radeon HD 5470.