GPU PerfStudio 2.2 not working with HD5470 ?

Discussion created by JeonSpace on Aug 26, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2010 by plohrmann


I've been trying to run GPUPerfStudio 2.2 on my Sony Vaio Laptop with HD5470 Graphics board without success.

The GPUPerServer starts as expected and the console does not give me any error messages.

My application however does not "run". It only displays a black screen.

To dig a bit deeper I tried the PerStudioAPI inside my code to see if it would initialize correctly. 

GPA_Initialize( ) - Works fine


I've read 5xxx should be supported.

My driver version is 8.672.1.2000

OpenGL Version reporting: 2.1.8545 Release

Is it my driver or my hardware or something else?