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    Xbox360 Vertex Fetch on PC(ATI Hardware)


      The XNA Framework allows you to program the Xbox360 and use some of the Xbox specific instructions in shader model profile xvs_3_0, xps_3_0. The Vertex Fetch is a very handy feature and I would like to use it more but it is not available on the PC so I don't.

      vfetch dest, src1, Semantic [, name = value, ...]

          vfetch position,          vertexIndex, position0
          vfetch normal,            vertexIndex, normal0
          vfetch textureCoordinate, vertexIndex, texcoord0

      Is there anyway I can get Vertex Fetch to work on the PC. I only want it for testing purposes and not for release. I was wondering if there are any developer drivers or hacks which allow you to do this.

      I own a Sapphire 4850 Toxic, Windows XP 32bit, but am going to fully upgrade soon.

        • Xbox360 Vertex Fetch on PC(ATI Hardware)

          on the PC, you have access to some of that functionality with texture buffer in opengl (and equivalent in DX). it is not exactly the same, but might be enough.


          Pierre B.

            • Xbox360 Vertex Fetch on PC(ATI Hardware)

              Hello Pierre, thank you for your response. I should have made it clear that I want this just to aid cross platform development(Xbox and PC code can be identical). I mostly write the games on the PC and then occasionally test them on the Xbox. Its faster to debug and you don't need to be online to test your code(this is a requirement for XNA Indie Games Xbox development).

              Really I was hoping there would be an easy and already made solution and that it was more a case of asking for it.

              I am planning on having a big rewrite of my code for the XNA 4.0 framework and I would have liked this, but it is not essential I think I could use Vertex Textures for all of the things I wanted to do.

              Thank you.