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    Running two instance of program on two different ATI devices


      I have system:

      OpenSUSE 11.2 amd64, ATI driver 10.7, Stream SDK 2.2, 2x ATI HD 5870(connected in 1st and 3rd slots), NVIDIA GTX470(7th slot), ASUS P6T7 WS SuperComputer , i7 , 3x2GB 1066 DDR3. One monitor connected to each ATI card and noone to NVIDIA.

      I've installed ATI and NVIDIA drivers . I've done aticonfig  --adapter=all --initial -f.

      I've login on init level 3 under "root" and done "startx" so i could see all 4 OpenCL devicesin ./CLinfo. 1 NVIDIA 1 CPU and 2 ATI GPU after connecting on ssh under root.

      I run my one OpenCL program   in witch I choose OpenCL device to run.

      if I run two instance of my program one on NVIDIA GPU and one on ATI GPU, all works fine programs run parallel.

      But if I run  two instance of my program both on  ATI GPU, IN PROFILING i could not see difference execution time of kernels but total working time of program increases in about 2 times.

      I've attempted to set

      "export DISPLAY=:0.0" for one instance and   "DISPLAY=:0.1" to another in this case my programs see only one ATI GPU device for each instance.

      in case  "export DISPLAY=:0" for both instance  each of them see both ATI GPU card so I can choose one gpu for each instance.

      But both case didn't solve my problem. Total execution time increased in about 2 times.