AtiStream 2.2: It's supposed to work?

Discussion created by afo on Aug 18, 2010
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New release of SDK is even worse than 2.1...

Dear people:

I returned to an OpenCL project that I was working, and checking amd's web site I see a new SDK (2.2). I installed it with the recomended driver (catalyst 10.7 Update Driver for OpenCLTM 1.1 Support) and I found this issues:

1) I can not install the kernel profiler, install simple hangs (maybe It is my fault, so I will not blame amd for it, but with 2.1 it installed flawless).

2) The "enable all" pragma extension no longer works: <#pragma  OPENCL EXTENSION all : enable> generates an unrecognized OpenCL extension error. I need to enable extensions one by one to get my kernel compiled. This happens in the Stream Kernel Analyzer and with clBuildProgram.

3) I work with a HD5970 with 2GB; with SDK2.1 I had 256MB of ram to work, with SDK2.2 I have 128MB. This was checked building clinfo.exe for sdk 2.1 and 2.2. Is there a good reason to generate a new SDK with half the memory available than the previous one?

Has anybody seen the same or similar things or I am being a victim of a conspiracy? Thanks in advance for any insight about this.

best regards,