HD5870 PCIe GPU->CPU bandwidth too low problem (added new PCIeBandwidth benchmark from 2.2 SDK)

Discussion created by apollo_maverick on Aug 16, 2010
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With the newest catalyst 10.7b driver GPU->CPU PCIe bandwidth's as low as ~800MB/s, which should be close to CPU->GPU bandwith that's ~4.9GB/s.

tested by PCIeSpeedTest_v0.2.

HD5870 with ASUS P6T7 WS X58, OS is Windows 7 x64, 12GB (6x2GB config) DDR3.

seems appeared only on Windows x64 systems...



i've just found there is a new benchmark program PCIeBandwidth.exe in %atistreamsdksamplesroot%\samples\opencl\bin\x86_64 dir.

interestingly, the result is:

Host to device : 2.61799 GB/s

Device to host : 1.97843 GB/s

could u guys run the benchmark and send the results for a comparison?