5970s, SDK 2.2, 10.7b driver not compatible

Discussion created by Meteorhead on Aug 16, 2010
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I have explained in another topic that I had no issues using multigpu in the following setup:

Ubuntu 9.10, driver 10.4, SDK 2.1

However I have upgraded to the following:

Ubuntu 9.10, driver 10.7b, SDK 2.2

The driver is from the page that is pointed to from the SDK supported drivers list. I have 3 5970s in one machine and Xserver starts alright with 1 adapter configured. When I configure all adapters, it still works, but as soon as I pass the export DISPLAY=:0 to the .bashrc file, xserver fails to startup. (I have tried many permutations of

aticonfig --adapter=all --initial -f  // export DISPLAY=:0  // startx

but none of them worked. Is there any way to get it working?