Opteron 8-GPU systems?

Discussion created by Arakageeta on Aug 13, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2011 by Meteorhead
Do Opteron systems w/ 8 double-wide GPUs exist?

I'm a grad student looking to purchase a many-GPU system for our research lap.  I'd like to maximize both CPU core and GPU count.  The best I can find that maximizes both of these is a Tyan Intel-based system (, which supports 12 CPU cores and 8 double-wide GPUs.  Is there any sort of equivalent (or better) in the AMD world?  The best I can find is a SuperMicro system that can sport 4 double-wide GPUs.  I've read that a company called Aprius had planned to produce an 8-way GPU system, but it looks like the product may have been cancelled.

I would much prefer an Opteron-based system.  I believe it's memory/cache hierarchy may provide more deterministic program execution (something that is important in our research).

Any recommendations?  Please tell me these systems exist!