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    OpenCL crashes aticfx64.dll in a system with Radeon 5870 + Matrox Orion HD


      I am trying to run OpenCL code on a Radeon 5870 which also has a Matrox Orion HD framegrabber/display adapter installed, for a real time video processing setup.

      When the Matrox card is enabled, all OpenCL applications crash silently on startup, inside aticfx64.dll. (In fact all Stream SDK apps seem to crash in the same way, including CAL and Direct Compute. Graphic modes and OpenGL work, however)

      This is a machine with Windows 7 64-bit, ATI catalyst 10.6 and Stream SDK 2.1 installed

      When the display adapter on the Matrox card is disabled everything works, unfortunately it needs to be enabled for the grabber functionality.

      I am not sure if this is a Matrox, ATI or Microsoft bug, but post it here since the crash is in the ATI dll.

      Should we excpect ATI Stream SDK to work in heterogenous display adapter configurations?

      I have included the WER summary.

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16" ?> - <WERReportMetadata> - <OSVersionInformation> <WindowsNTVersion>6.1</WindowsNTVersion> <Build>7600</Build> <Product>(0x30): Windows 7 Professional</Product> <Edition>Professional</Edition> <BuildString>7600.16539.amd64fre.win7_gdr.100226-1909</BuildString> <Revision>1</Revision> <Flavor>Multiprocessor Free</Flavor> <Architecture>X64</Architecture> <LCID>1033</LCID> </OSVersionInformation> - <ParentProcessInformation> <ParentProcessId>2004</ParentProcessId> <ParentProcessPath>C:\Windows\explorer.exe</ParentProcessPath> <ParentProcessCmdLine>C:\Windows\Explorer.EXE</ParentProcessCmdLine> </ParentProcessInformation> - <ProblemSignatures> <EventType>APPCRASH</EventType> <Parameter0>CLInfo.exe</Parameter0> <Parameter1></Parameter1> <Parameter2>4bc69d17</Parameter2> <Parameter3>aticfx64.dll</Parameter3> <Parameter4></Parameter4> <Parameter5>4bfea58c</Parameter5> <Parameter6>c0000005</Parameter6> <Parameter7>000000000002b68f</Parameter7> </ProblemSignatures> - <DynamicSignatures> <Parameter1>6.1.7600.</Parameter1> <Parameter2>1044</Parameter2> <Parameter22>55af</Parameter22> <Parameter23>55af0770f30d40af00d6b086835971c4</Parameter23> <Parameter24>ff2d</Parameter24> <Parameter25>ff2d64c5de614ad8f0cac2f4dd875384</Parameter25> </DynamicSignatures> - <SystemInformation> <MID>88E9CEF9-1708-4A9A-AFB1-A7A8CE907135</MID> <SystemManufacturer>System manufacturer</SystemManufacturer> <SystemProductName>System Product Name</SystemProductName> <BIOSVersion>0609</BIOSVersion> </SystemInformation> </WERReportMetadata>