unused Buffers needed for correct result

Discussion created by n.treutner on Aug 6, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2010 by genaganna

Hi everybody,

i'm having a rather strange, minor problem. i'm afraid, since i don't really know where it comes from and my project is rather big, i can't provide you with a runnable example. i'll try to explain, maybe you have an idea.


i'm using several Buffers and Kernels in my project. among these were two unused (never even passed to the gpu as an argument for a kernel) temporary Buffers i wanted to delete in order to free up memory. The peculiar thing is, that my results are now different (= wrong). i am working with images and now i have "stripes" of incorrect data along my images. so, not every work-item is affected.

my first guess was, that i am accessing my regular Buffers in an incorrect way, which only works, as long as my unused Buffers provide storage for the reading-and-writing operations, performed in otherwise undefined memory-segments. if you agree, that this might be true: is there any smart way to find these errors in my program.

Thanks for your thoughts