How videoRam and hardware acceleration connects?

Discussion created by niki on Aug 4, 2010
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I have been reading the specification of the R*** models of radeon. It seems extensive, but not impossible.

There are one thing I can't understand.

The spec. tells: I send an command to the CP and the hardware draws on the screen. Can I understand that hardware writes through the DMA controller in the videoRam(VESA mode?), or the hardware outputs signals direct to the monitor through the video connector?

Sorry for the weird question. I am trying to program an hobby OS from the zero. I decided to not use any kind of third party libraries and write al the code in ASM. So I need to see clearly where physically the projected shapes go in the machine.

On the other hand I need to have it possibly clearer before to code something that can break some part of hardware.

Thanks in advance.