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    Can't install - Stream SDK installer crashes (Ati Stream 2.1)

      Stream installer simply shuts down without eny error message - W7 64b, HD4850


      Hello, I have problem installing Ati Catalyst drivers (10.7) and Ati Stream SDK on Windows 7 64b, Radeon HD4850 (MS VS 2008 installed).

      When I try to install from setup.exe, it simply shows me first 2 windows (I press next and then install) and the installer disappears without any error message. I managed to install the 10.7 driver manually via windows driver update (navigate to the driver folder), but I don't know what to do to install the Steam SDK.

      I managed to install that SDK on my Debian Linux machine (it was pain) and to do computations, but I have no idea why the windows installer shuts down on my windows machine.

      I can extract the examples (they work), profiler, etc manually, but I need to install headers, static and dynamic libraries too...

      Any ideas?